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Building IoT Solutions Made Easy for Beginners - Udemy Coupons

Building IoT Solutions Made Easy for Beginners - Udemy Coupons

Publisher: Sachin Sadare

Course Language: English


In this course we are going to study the IoT (Internet of Things) solution stack. Understanding the IoT solution stack is the first step towards building great IoT products and applications.

IoT solution stack is a layered approach to building great IoT solutions using communication technologies, computing standards and hardware devices. Different layers perform different roles in the IoT solution stack - from the simple connection of objects to the Internet, to more complex applications that use connected things - all is achieved through the solution stack. It also includes the data that is gathered and communicated as well the different hardware devices needed to enable the IoT applications.

Any IoT product or application can be built using the IoT solution stack. The IoT Solution Stack is thus a layered approach to create a full-fledged IoT solution.

Course Modules:

  • IoT Solution Approach

  • IoT Solution Stack

  • Basic IoT Experiments

  • IoT Challenges & Opportunities

  • IoT Projects

Who Should Take This Course: Anyone who want to understand why the IoT solution stack is an important pre-requisite to building IoT solutions.

Understand the IoT Solution Stack and Build Great IoT Solutions!