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Computer Basics 2020:Essential Computer Skills And Knowledge - Udemy Coupons

Computer Basics 2020:Essential Computer Skills And Knowledge - Udemy Coupons

Publisher: Samir Imtiaz

Course Language: English


Get most updated course to learn about computer basic 2020.Lets keep it simple and meaningful

Why to choose this course over other course:

  • The only course on market which is made with most updated materials and skipped the old information that don't work today.

  • New course materials are continually added over time.

  • Accurate subtitle for better understanding

  • Only important topics are included

  • No unnecessary talking.We believe the more you learn in the shortest time , the more you get benefited.

  • Students can request to learn any topic by filling google form

  • Basic hardware specs explained

  • Additional reading for in-depth understanding of every topic

  • Uninstalling softwares,setting up password and pins

  • Complete Windows 10 shortcut keys

  • Drive encryption for bullet-proof data theft protection

  • Advanced task is taught , like permanently deleted file recovery.

  • Offline And Online Backup.

  • Backing up unlimited photos on cloud

  • A way to avoid paid antivirus software

  • Active Question Answer section, get answer for your every question

  • A bonus guide to learn anything free as well as a list of powerful free softwares .None will tell you about them.

  • Sounds exciting? Don't miss it .Enroll now.