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MATLAB for Engineers (Beginners)

MATLAB for Engineers (Beginners)

Publisher: Sara Anis - ElDarwich - Hamid Sami, PhD 24‘ Princeton University

Course Language: English


My name is Sara Anis ElDarwich, I am a current master's student at Virginia Tech studying biomedical engineering. I have made for you, a very introductory course on MATLAB starting from the basics and going all the way to making your own functions and creating "for" loops.

I take you step-by-step through each topic easily showing you how to complete the task.

I will be covering the following topics:

  • The MATLAB interface

  • How to do basic mathematical operations

  • How to create vectors and matrices

  • Indexing elements within a vector or a matrix

  • Plotting data and labeling the graphs

  • How to create a function

  • Conditional operations using "if" and "elseif" statements

  • Creating "for" loops

Throughout the course, you will see quizzes and assignments to help you reinforce concepts taught through the lecture.