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Vue hands-on - composition api and state management

Vue hands-on - composition api and state management

Publisher: Chung T Bui

Course Language: English


Frontend frameworks are now gaining extremely popular these days.

Nowaday, you can't consider to be a front-end developer if you only know HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Front-end applications are getting more and more complicated, require us to have to think about code orgnization, component architecture, reactivity, state management and much more.

VueJS makes developers' life easier by abstract all the way of how the reactivity system work, and it provides us an elegant, simple syntax to create a maintainable, well-structured application

Vue is keeping evolve. Vue 3 has introduced the new whole way to write the application. It'll change the way our thinking, and coding in Vue.

In this course, we will learn the basic of Vue, as well as the latest composition API by doing an example.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

- Understand the basics of Vue

- Unserstand the composition API

- How to leverage composition function to build our own single source of truth, state management solution

- Best practice in seperate API layer from the application and the reusuable code.